Monday, December 31, 2012

Blogger Surprise

All last night and throught the most of the day today, I have been working on something for the bloggers. I know that starting out, and for those who are just learning to use photoshop, it's not easy doing photos. So what I have done, is given you a space on the sim to take your pictures!

It's not the prettiest, but it's a work in progress. I'll be working on it as I go along, but thankfully, I have finished so far so you guys can come do your work!

There may be some questions involved, and I'm going to answer some here:

*You are not required to take only pictures for Badazzle Designs. You can do any blog post you like at this area, it's a "blogger oasis" so to speak.
*Feel free to take blog photos at the mall/mainstore as well. Some of the benches that are set up have poses, and if you're going for the look of the place, then use it.
*The blogging oasis is subdivided and set the to Blogger group. Therefore you have rezz rights. If you have a pose stand that you need to use, feel free to rezz it out. However, please clean up after yourself! I'm trusting you to do this out of appreciation and just to be nice! If I find random pose stands I will return, and if it keeps happening, whoever keeps leaving their pose stands will be possibly ejected from the group. If it happens multiple times, then the oasis goes away.
*Invite friends! Come take some pictures, group photos, whatever you want, it's not strictly for the blog posts! Just have some fun. If you want to relax there while you organize your inventory or do whatever, then come and do it :D I won't eject you for loitering!

There is one request since I have done this: I have rezzed a donation terminal at the gate to the oasis, if you can, please try to help me out a little. If you can't, that is alright. It's not required, but it would be greatly appreciated.

Now! Go have some fun!
Slurl to the Oasis:

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