Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Numero 2!

Info on Renting at Badazzle Designs!

Hate being left with a shop or stall hidden in a busy sim?
Well at Badazzle Designs ALL renters are visible to the Main Store!
Our Mall Extends Out From The Middle, Running West to East, With Charming Stores Available.

The Badazzle Designs Mall was designed to be "renter friendly" and offers:
*High Traffic
*Uses HippoLITE rent boxes to cut on sim lag
*Low Rent....
*FREE week added to YOUR box for all shop renters you bring Badazzle Designs!
*FREE plug in the Badazzle Designs Blog (viewed daily by the Badazzle as well as other potential customers!)
-Just send a FULL Perm Logo to KatEvangeline Resident with your name/business and if you have a blog, or marketplace a link to it as well!
*NO Landing Point!

~Midnight Mania WELCOME~

Badazzle Designs also is happy to promote our sim in our group!! PLUS let management know when you're having a sale, and we'll be happy to let the group members know!

So what are YOU waiting for... shops fill up fast...!!!!!
Come pick out your home away from home.... and join our family!

Shops are ready for rent...
ALL boxes can be set to the following:

50 Prim - 100L a week
75 Prim - 150L a week
(Only available on the smaller stores in the middle of the mall)

150 Prim - 250L a week
175 Prim - 300L a week
200 Prim - 350L a week
250 Prim - 400L a week

Contact KatEvangeline Resident if you have any questions and or concerns!
*ALL Boxes can be custom set to the above prim and rent

A Few Ground Rules Before You Rent:

-NO PrezzieRezzie's. These have a tendency to interfere with any that are already on the sim.
-NO Spammy Group Joiners. The only group joiners that are allowed are Touch To Join.
-Lets try to make this as easy as possibly for people as most don't read what they agree to. This is also to help avoid any scams and or complaints to you or myself for frustrated customers that joined a group that required them to pay to join.
-NO Spoofers. These bug the crap out of your neighbors!
-Hovertext, is okay, but try to disable it if at all possible when against walls.
-Affliate Vendors are welcome, but no two of the same in the mall. For Example: Two ADN vendors will not be allowed.
-NO sex related items, pictures, or anything that is of a "ADULT" content. This sim is mature, not adult, and if there are any adboards/displays/ANYTHING with parts showing, or anything of questionable content that particular item will be returned with no questions asked. Another incident, and you will be evicted from the mall.
*Note: You CAN Set up a box for a LM to your main store if you wish to direct customers to the sex related items.
-Please pay boxes on time! I'm not here to baby-sit and see who is getting low on time, if your box goes into arrears and you don't have time to pay it before it auto removes you, then I'm sorry. If there is some time where you can't be online due to a family emergency or RL issues, please communicate with me, and we will work things out. If you do not however, then I cannot be responsible for you losing your store or someone renting it if it is lost.
-Remodel: I reserve the right to remodel the store when I wish to. All items will be returned in bulk to make things easier to re-rezz. I will give a free weeks rent for this inconvenience.
-REFUNDS: I will not issue refunds. EVER.

Thank you for your time, and I do hope that you decide to rent with us!


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