Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Numero Uno!

Okay, so I came into the ownership of a 1/2 sim last night! Major thanks to my awesome hubby whom I love and adore (and I don't mean that sarcastically whatsoever). He got it for me as a Christmas present. :D He's so sweet. I have spent all day today, setting it up, getting things decorated, and I'm finally satisfied with the look of the place! :D It's really nice to be able to decorate a bit now! With some extra prim space as well!! Also going to be nice not having the 20 people limit anymore...

There are quite a few more mall stores added as well! I will be posted more information on those in the next posting! But first, let you know that there is a 45% off sale going on through this weekend! I'll post a flyer here in a sec when I get into photoshop. Everything (excluding the breedables and mall renters) is 45% off now through Sunday.

Now for the pictures of my handy work!
and a slurl to go see it in person!

Again, if you'd like to come see:

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