Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogger Shout outs!

Bloggers have been busy busy bees!

Thank you sooo much for your guys time and effort!

If you haven't bookmarked their blogs, you should!


Again thank you guys so much!! Sorry I've been slacking! If I missed any I'm sorry!


If you are interested in being a *EXCLUSIVE* Blogger for Badazzle Designs here is more information:

☑ 500L in store credit each month for shopping sprees
☑ New Releases (fatpacks if available) handed out in this group
☑ Shoutouts on Store Blog, spam groups, etc, to help get YOUR name out there.
☑ Store Group Notice posting rights (again, see me for your invite)
☑ Rezzing rights to the Blogger Oasis for pose stands if needed.

☑ Bloggers must blog at least one outfit a week.
If you are late, or something has come up irl, I will understand, just let me know what's going on. I won't drop anyone out of the group however, but I will limit the availability of the items.
☑ Notice rights: Are not to be abused. If you have a Badazzle post, please share it with the group. MUST CONTAIN SOMETHING OF BADAZZLE DESIGNS IN THE POST TO BE SHARED IN GROUP.
Please only make 2 posts a week so as to not spam the group. If you have multiple posts, I would suggest a NC with links to be given in a notice.
☑ Bloggers must provide a link, or a picture link with the logo of Badazzle Designs slurl/blog (either one) I will provide the logo when accepted.

If you are interested please copy/paste the following onto a notecard and pass it to KatEvangeline Resident inworld, or drop it to the mail snail by the desk at the store. Please Rename it "Badazzle Blogger Application (YOUR NAME HERE)

All applications are reviewed and you will be notified if accepted.


Badazzle Designs Blogger Application:

(Please fill out all fields if available)

Name (no display names):

Blog Name:

Flikr (not required):

Blogs You Are Syndicated On
(BloggingSL, etc. If you do not know what being syndicated or are unsure, please message me for more information) *Note: At least one syndication is required.

Any other details/sites you are on (such as facebook groups, second life groups, plurk, facebook page, anything you use to "spam" your blog)


Thank you!


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