Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Store Credit/Gifting/Gift Cards

To make sure everyone is on the same page about Store Credit/Gifting/Gift Card Usage

Gift Card Usage How To—
How to Purchase A Gift Card For Someone...

[►] Head to Badazzle Designs Mainstore...
[►] Locate the Gift Card Vendor (Close to the Front Door)

[►] TOUCH the Vendor (You should get a pop up asking if you would like to purchase a gift card and you say Yes)

[►] ACCEPT the "Badazzle Designs Gift Card" that is offered to you.
[Message in Local Chat:] ::.BD.:: Gift Card Vendor: We've given you a blank gift card named "Badazzle Designs Gift Card." Please find it in your Objects folder, and wear it to continue.

[►] Wear the blank card. Select an amount that you wish to put on the card.
*Note: You can put your own amount on the card, the prices listed are just usual gift card prices. To do this select "Other".

[►] Once a price is selected, pay the vendor. You will see a hover text above it saying ready for payment. DO NOT DETACH YOUR CARD.
[Message in Local When Successful:]
::.BD.:: Gift Card Vendor: Thanks for your payment. One moment while we register and activate your card. Please do not remove your card during this process.
::.BD.:: Gift Card Vendor: Congrats! You've activated this gift card, and can now remove it and give it to anyone you'd like!

[►] The card has now been activated and you can now pass it to whomsoever you wish to gift it to!


Gift Card Usage How To—
Using a Gift Card....

Its super easy!

[►] Simply head to the store, and find the nearest Gift Card Redeem Terminal.
(Usually next to the Gift Card Vendor)

[►] Wear the Gift Card.

[►] Click/Touch the Terminal.
You will get a menu to select from. Select "REDEEM"
[Message in Local if Successful:] Gift Card Redemption Terminal: Your gift card has been redeemed, and can now be deleted. Your new store credit balance is L$391

[►] If however, you get this message:
Gift Card Redemption Terminal: Sorry, the card you're wearing is not a valid, activated gift card.
That means that you do not have an active Gift Card. Whoever gave this to you did not activate the gift card when they went to purchase it. All they have to do is redo the process listed above on How To Purchase A Gift Card.

**Please do NOT IM the Owner for questions about this. As I cannot verify anything and will just tell you that you need to contact the person who gave the card to you and ask them to redo ALL the steps listed above.
**If the card has already been Redeemed:
[Message if Already Redeemed:] Gift Card Redemption Terminal: This card has already been redeemed for store credit.
This card can no longer be used and cannot be used again.


███ Gifting a Item to a friend / via vendors —
 [►]  Simply left click the vendor...
 [►]  Then choose “Buy as Gift” from the dropdown, and follow local instructions.
Easy Peasy!!!

Delivery Failure? Have the giftee come in and slap the Re-delivery Terminal before sending me a note card. Usually it will push the order through.


Store Credit How To...

███ Using instore credit —
[►] Simply click on the vendor you would like to purchase with credit…
[►] Then choose “Credit” from the dropdown.
All done, the item will deliver and deduct the amount from your balance.
You should get a message in local telling you your new balance.

███  Purchasing More Store Credit  —
[►]  Locate a Store Credit Terminal Instore
[►]  "Right" Click and Pay the desired amount...

Hopefully this clears up some mass confusion to using our system properly.
In store “Credit Terminals” & “Re-Deliver Terminals” are placed all over the store, for easier access.

Store credit CANNOT be transferred between avatars or gifted to alts.

Any further questions, Id be happy to help, but please send me a note, instead of a IM.

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