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If you are interested in being a *EXCLUSIVE* Blogger for Badazzle Designs here is more information:

☑ New Releases (fatpacks if available) handed out in the blogger group
☑ Shoutouts in various spam groups to help get YOU viewers
☑ Free Membership to the Store Group (20% Back in Store Credit with Purchases, 250L Credit per Month, Exclusive Group Gifts)

- Own an active blog of six months or older
- Decent amount of daily viewers
- Syndicated in at least two SL feeds
- Create your own images (so not just c/p vendor images)
- Blog at least 50% of the items posted in the group incl their features
- Have an open group slot to be able to accept the group invite.
- Inform KatEvangeline about your blogposts by notecard about once a month :)

If you are interested please copy/paste the following onto a notecard and pass it to KatEvangeline Resident inworld, or drop it to the mail snail by the desk at the store. Please Rename it "Badazzle Blogger Application (YOUR NAME HERE)"

All applications are reviewed and you will be notified if accepted. Please DO NOT IM if you haven't heard anything. I will contact you if you are accepted.


Badazzle Designs Blogger Application:

(Please fill out all fields if available)

Name (no display names):

Blog Name:

Blog Age:

Flikr (not required):

Blogs You Are Syndicated On

Any other details/sites you are on (such as facebook groups, second life groups, plurk, facebook page, anything you use to "spam" your blog):


Thank you!


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