Just a lil about Miss Kat....


Kat is a real life person LAWL who lives in Texas with her hubby, and her new baby
who isn't very new anymore! She's almost 2!!

Don't have a picture of the hubby, he's not very photogenic XD...
So with that said, I'm not here in SL for love. Though more power to those who do find it in this virtual world.

Welcome to the official blog for Badazzle Designs...

I do hope you subscribe to the posts and I also hope that this blog will be of some use to you as I use it to spam most of the time, so you don't leave my store group XD All announcements, New Releases, and anything else I think you should know in regards to myself, or my store, will be posted on here. So please, subscribe so you don't miss anything!


You can find Badazzle Designs at:


Marketplace ONLY for now.


To contact the owner Kat:

Notecards are preferred. I'm usually in photoshop, or not at my computer taking care of the little one, or playing with her, so SL does eat my ims, please drop me a notecard to ensure that I get your message and I will respond in a timely manner.


Useful Links for keeping up with Badazzle Designs:

★ : http://www.flickr.com/photos/badazzledesignstudios/
★ : http://www.flickr.com/groups/badazzledesigns/
★ : http://www.facebook.com/kat.evangeline
★ : http://www.facebook.com/BadazzleDesigns/
★ : http://www.facebook.com/groups/badazzledesigns/
★ : http://www.plurk.com/Kat-Evangeline


Business Info:

Gridwide Hunts - Please Send A NC For Information
Fairs - Please Send a NC For Information
Events - Please Send a NC For Information
Bloggers - Pick Up An Application on the blog.
Job Opportunities – Not hiring
Custom Work – We do not accept custom work.
Mall Rentals / Satellite Locals - Please Send A Detailed NC for More Information Containing Rental Rates, Prim Count Availability, and any other information
Refunds / Exchanges : no refunds or exchanges! All sales are final.


Badazzle Designs Group Infomation:

VIP Group is 500L [One Time Fee]

Once Joined You Get:
 ★  250L Store Credit Each Month
 ★  20% Credit Back With Linden Purchases Instore When Wearing Your Group Tag
 ★  Exclusive Group Gifts
 ★  Updates on New Releases
 ★  Exclusive Sales
 ★  Group Only Events/Parties/Sales
 ★ Active and Friendly Group Chat

Other Information About Badazzle Designs:

★ In store credit terminals
★ Re-delivery terminals
★ store credit gifting terminals
★ Prezzie Rezzie
★ Prize for Picks
★  [7] Lucky Chairs
★  Midnight Mania Board



♥Where do you buy your skin, hair, shoes, etc?
     - All information about what I'm wearing that's not included can be found on the blog [you're at the right place just do some digging]

♥Instore Delivery Failure?
    - Redelivery Terminals can be found in the store

♥Marketplace Delivery Failure?
 - Please notify KatEvangeline Resident. Allow up to 24hrs.

♥How do I check my store credit?
 - Store Credit Terminals can be found in the store. You can also use these to purchase more store credit.

♥Do you make custom work?
- No.

♥Are you hiring store models?

♥Do you accept bloggers?
 -Applications can be found on the blog.

♥Will you be my friend?
 -Sure, be ready to be spammed :P

♥I accidentally deleted myself from your group, will you let me back in w/out the fee?
- No, Im sorry but if you would like back in, you have to pay the fee. This is also an answer if you make a new account. I will not transfer a group invite from one avatar to another.

♥Will you sponsor my club?
 - No.

♥ Will you rent at my mall?
 - Send nc to KatEvangeline Resident

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