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Store Policy:

Refunds: Are only acceptable with a copy of transaction history showing a double purchase of the EXACT same item. Please be aware of what you are clicking!

Notecards: Are always acceptable forms of contact! :D Include your name/reason in title. IMs do get capped frequently, so they are preferred.

Mesh: I cannot fix your issue if you have a bad computer, or cannot support MESH enable viewers. Again, be aware of what you are purchasing! Most items are labeled *Mesh* or *Partial Mesh* on the adboards.
**Helpful Tip** Mesh is linked with your avatar skeleton, usually to get it to fix if the alpha provided does not work, just tweak your shape a little. Just edit the shape, rename it to the outfit, and pop the shape into the folder so it's always there for that particular outfit! :D If you do NOT want to tweak your shape, then please, do NOT message me with your problem.

Spam: Is not tolerated on the sim, or in the group. If I receive word that it is happening, I will eject you.

Alts: Are welcome to shop! However, I will not ever send the same item for an alt.

→ Affiliate Programs: Are not available, nor will they most likely ever be. As I cannot answer for issues with the vendors from people who sell my items. It's really just a big headache... so all Badazzle items will be only sold by KatEvangeline Resident. If you see any Badazzle item for sale, copybotted, or possibly copied from, please notecard myself with a screenshot of the item and file the appropriate abuse reports. This helps me in getting things removed as quickly as possible.

Mall Renting: Please send a detailed notecard with all offers for renting. (must contain rental rate, prim count and any other relevant information).

Hunts/Events: Please send a detailed notecard with all information on the hunt/event and I will happily review them :D

Custom Creations: At this moment in time, I'm still learning how to do things, and cannot offer custom creations, however, I will refer you to some businesses (with no compensation on my part for referring) that I would be confident in knowing they could possibly meet your needs.

Bloggers:  Please contact me inworld or find a blogger application at the mainstore.

And Finally...  Above all, have fun, and respect everyone.

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